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The Stiftung gGmbH

The Stiftung gGmbH initiates and attends networks of cultural organisers and organisations. Hundreds of cultural institutions, conatining smaller and bigger theatres, film associations and museums as well as thousands of freelancers engaged in the cultural sector use the services provided by Kulturserver. They all enter event data, repertoires, artists' biographies or films in the common data pool of CultureBase and use them for their own websites and portals. In the background, Kulturserver arranges the further distribution of the data via media partners.

Kulturserver makes visible where culture takes place
Kulturserver encourages to present culture to a larger audience
Kulturserver leaves the control of the data to the users

  • Since many years we accompany different networks in the fields of art and culture (associations, theatres, cities, parishes).
  • We are cross-linked with cultural institutions of all branches and possess extensive experiences.
  • Our know-how in programming digital tools gives cultural institutions and artists adequate solutions for project management - in public relations and marketing.

Opinions about Kulturserver

Die Idee des deutschlandweiten Kulturkalenders, der nur in seiner Ausgabe auf die verschiedenen Kulturregionen heruntergebrochen ist, finden wir als Stadt Mettmann SPITZE. Es wäre sicherlich ein großer ...
— by Nathalie Villière

  • Consulting & Conception

    We offer expertise in the area of art and culture as well as the technical realization based on your wishes. Starting with the construction of a homep...

  • Design

    Starting by the cooperation with your house agency that delivers a design, via fair drafting up to completely new desings we are able to adapt to your...

  • Programming

    If concept and design are finished, the work on programming starts. Kulturserver is able to access its own team of developers, that comes with a broad...