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CultureBase is a comprehensive system of cultural databases, which enables artists and institutions to present themselves and their work on the internet. Free of charge they are able to edit and publish diverse informaiton online, like a personal „web business card“, events and information about their projects.

CultureBase is based on the concept of decentralised management and retrieval of data. Every participant is a self-contained partner in a collective network.

The user is able to post via easy to handle, specific form fields events, addresses and personal data from every internet access. The data is immediately available on the web, the responsibility for up-to-dateness lies in the hands of each partner.

The data submitted to a project or portal is available to all interested partners for their own project or homepage. It may be adopted as a whole or in specific selections the partners are able to choose themselves.

Additionally, a chain of online tools was developed for the project Kulturserver, that make a distribution of CultureBase data into other channels possible and is free of charge in its basic version. There is for example a Newslettersystem and tools for printing of event flyers or to build a event calendar for the own homepage.

To cope with the special requirements of the different cultural genres, some modules of the basic software were enhanced: For theaters there is a comfortable online tool to cover the repertoire and for persons active in the field of film a film database where films can be entered with detailed information about cast and crew, content and technical specifications – included is a shop system which enables filmmakers to distribute and sell their films: cb-shopadmin

Functionality of the CultureBase network in the example film – permeating a genre

One of the partners of the CultureBase network is for example the AG DOK which uses the possibilities of the database and the network for presenting their members since 2002. For some years, the catalogue „German Documentaries“ is published yearly in a cooperation of the AG DOK and the German Films Service + Marketing GmbH and is also available online for the worldwide distribution of german documentary films: The BVR uses the database and software by Kulturserver since 2004 not only for the internet, but also for the printing process of their bi-annual manual „Regie Guide“ as well as their internal member management. The European Film Academy is part of the network, too with their two award sites and the Young Audience Award and uses CultureBase to communicate informations about the nominated films – up to the live stream of the award ceremony itself.

Information that these institutions enter into the database appear besides their own homepages also on other sides of the CultureBase network. Thus, a multitude of presences of every participant is accomplished, which leads to a better google-ranking and a better search result of the individual persons and institutions.

Thanks to the support program „Media“ of the European Union it is possible via the project ONLINEFILM since 2007 to present the work and films of film makers with the goal to establish a legal distribution platform for the cost-efficient distribution of european films on the internet. Due to the modular programming of the software the films may be integrated in as many homepages as wanted, so that they are accessible over a various number of sites and portals, which benefits the distribution.

An example for the multiple presence in the CultureBase network: The online visiting card and the films of an AG DOK-Member are available on, as well as